Different Games To Try In Your Next Team Building

Team building games are fun but cannot be classified as passive activities. The underlying factor in these games is the ultimate goal of generating positive outcomes that hopefully will rub off in the workplace. These team building activities aspire to achieve proactive, smooth and productive work relationships in the office.  However, the same team building games can backfire if you misuse them or when you force corporate clichés of team building down the throats of your employees. You have to strike a balance to get the activities not to resemble a typical day in the office and still maintain the basic ethics and principles.

There are so many games that you can use to enhance team building. They are:

Salt and pepper

The reason why you can play this game in your team building is that it improves communication skills and critical thinking.

Materials needed are tape, pen, and pepper.

How to play

It works better in a large group. Write a pairing list and have one pair part written in a sheet of paper and give one sheet to everyone. Use the tape to stick each sheet of paper on the back of every team member and do not reveal what you write on the sheet.

At this point, the team members must work in the designated room, ask questions to know the list at their back and get the other person in their pair. Once they find their pairs, they should sit down and ask three to ten questions about each other.

Self Portraits

Reasons to play this game is to enhance self-expression. It helps the team members to understand how their teammates see them.

Materials you should use are markers, papers, and colored pencils.

How to play

Have each member draw their portrait anonymously. Collect all these portraits and have them put up the wall and let the team guess which picture belongs to who. Once they think the exact person, allow them to describe to the group why they described themselves as per the drawing.


You should play this game because it enhances communication skills and builds up teamwork. Break the barriers by choosing a lower level employee to be the team leader.

Materials used are basic painting or sculpting materials, distinctive but random sculpture, photograph or an object.

How to play

Split your team into groups comprising two to four people. Appoint a peeker in each group. Take the team leaders to separate place to show them a distinct image, object or sculpture. The team leaders then join their teammates and have a few minutes to describe how the secret image looks like. Their team then tries to recreate it the best way they can imagine. To make the game more interesting, ban the peekers from using words that naturally associate with the unknown object.

Group Juggle

This is a fantastic game. It helps to learn names and breaks the ice among employees.

The only material you need is a ball.

How to play

Have ten to twenty teammates form a circle. One of them starts the game by saying their name and passes to someone else the ball in the loop. The one who will catch the ball also says their name and gives it to another person, and the same sequence follows until all the members get the ball. Increase the difficulty of the game by increasing the speed used to pass the ball and increase their number in one circle.


The idea of corporate team building activities Singapore is to enhance productivity using teamwork and to build an environment for easier communication. If all the above don’t seem to excite you, why not your inner child with some of Singapore’s arcade games.

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