6 Simple And Easy Ways To Boost Your Team’s Morale At Work

If you’re attuned into your workplace, you can determine if employees show the subtle and not-so-subtle signs of low confidence: fewer employee conversations, eye rolls, reduced collaboration, high turnover rates, and diluted achievements. No one wants to be surrounded by unhappy people all day for five days every week, and the most effective managers can develop relationships with their employees.

An excellent way to stop low morale is to adopt positive changes before it takes control and brings about boredom and disappointment to the team. When employees are sure about their work environment and believe that they can meet their most essential career and vocational needs, employee confidence is positive and high.

Parts of the situation that you control that have an impact on employee morale include things such as, the way employees interact with each other on a daily basis, the kind of manager’s communication with employees, and the successfulness of your managers. You hold the cards to creating the circumstances in which these positive factors are valued.

Here are some thoughts to get the ball rolling:

1 – Recognise Individual Employees

Acknowledge your employees at staff meetings, or take the time to thank them in a handwritten note. Whichever approach you decide, the most important thing is that employees know that you notice and appreciate their hard work. Set up a program which celebrates outstanding staff accomplishments. You can also challenge employees to devise an innovative and cost-effective way to promote the company. Each month, let the company choose, reward and implement the best idea.

2 – Ask for Feedback

You should also ask the employees for feedback. This can include areas where an affirmative program the company has in place, the company is meeting its goals and their thoughts on external campaigns. A posture of openness permits employees to contribute to positive change. But perhaps even more important, this is a chance for employees to point out areas where the company needs to develop.

3 – Offer Training

The number one cause for employees to leave a company the lack of development opportunities, therefore, providing your employees with professional, adequate training is sure to increase their morale. This starts by partnering new employees with more-seasoned experts, bringing in specialists for training sessions, and paying for employees to visit local trade conferences.

4 – Make the Office Fun

Playing games leads people to compromise, meet other’s needs, and work together as a team. Diffuse a competitive environment by combining humour and play. Take your team to karaoke in Singapore once in a while, add a Ping-Pong table to the break room, potluck cooking contests, baby picture contests, and department shows or even inspire a small group to try an art project for the office. Additionally, you can even go bowling in town Singapore to spice things up a little.

5 – Acknowledge Individual Anniversaries and Losses

People experience higher morale when employers recognise them as individual first and employees second. Extend small gestures like learning your employee’s names and sending flowers when they are sick, or a simple note from you would do. React as you would to a friend, with consideration, kindness, and a supportive community will go a long way to fostering happiness.

6 – Increase Vacation Days

An unlimited holiday may sound fantastic in theory, but in actuality, less is more. Too much option is limiting and complicated. Alternatively, increase vacation days and add a bonus to employees who genuinely take a time-out – no phone calls, no work email, and no laptop on vacation.

Whichever programs you implement, remember to do so out of genuine concern and interest for your employees.  By enabling your workers to explore a work environment that meets their requirements, you can boost productivity and confidence in a single blow.

Building positive employee morale is not tricky; it just takes time, desire, and commitment on the part of management and the organisation. With soaring costs accompanying low morale, it pays to invest in a positive society and personal well-being – they can go a long way to promoting your company and its numbers.

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