Excellent Ways to Get Your Team Engaged in Team Building

Take a look at the team list for your project. How many team members are entirely occupied with their work? And how many are actively disengaged? Naturally, work happens to be a boring at times. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many highly effective entertaining team building exercises at work that you and your team can do to become better acquainted with each other, more engaged, and more productive all while having some fun.

It’s crucial to team build often and even more important to get everyone interested. Performing employees have distinct functions in the company, make substantial donations, are actively connected to their broader team and organisation, are continuously progressing, strong teamwork skills, and good lines of communication. If you are trying to combine fun and work while getting to know your team, then look no further! Read suggestions on how to keep your team hooked in all your team building activities:

Lunching With Co-Workers

Lunchtime is necessary, it is a time to eat and take a mental break even if it’s a short amount of time for some. The next lunch break; decide on something new with your employees. Begin by choosing a specific day to have lunch and get to know your team well. Pick out new places every time and make up a game to play on your way there or once you arrive.

Outdoor Team Building Activities

Take your team outside for meetings during the summer months for fresh air and sun, when you can. Staying outdoors will immediately change the mood and will lead to a much better time than that spent inside. A do-it-yourself team building activity is the ideal way to spend your time outside.

Try out Smartphone apps such as GoTek Smartphone Scavenger Hunt. With this program, teams use a Smartphone or a tablet to perform a themed scavenger hunt. The application can be downloaded, and it is quite easy – a do-it-yourself program. You can also go bowling in town Singapore to release stress. This will result in a fun and productive team building experience.

Office Club or Team

Create a club or team to develop your team building efforts. A book club or sports team can be just what you need to see your team become effective through activities and shared interests. Involve in something outside of work will boost team members to connect and provide new topics of conversation. A healthy club or team can make all the difference at work and will improve the work culture.

Office Makeover

If your office is in dire need of some changes, act as a team to spruce it up. While your team sets out for lunch, produce a simple list of things that could use an overhaul. Operating as a team will be beneficial for all. You don’t need to have a big budget. Small changes such as adding some new art pictures on the wall, plants or several bright or interesting pillows to the sofa in the lounge can make the difference. Not only will the team become stronger, but the work environment will also be better suited for all who helped out which will lift the spirits around the office.

Recognition Tools

Use recognition tools as an entertaining way to show that someone has done something important at the office. Pack a box with different things and surprises for team members who performed tasks or done something worth noting. For example, free lunch for the employee of the month or a pair of sunglasses for the cleanest and well-dressed employee. This will show a sense of positivity in the office and build an excellent work culture.


You can work hard and yet have fun at work. Turn things up at the office and try some new, enjoyable team building games in Singapore to get everyone energised. There are always ideas to improve your team members experience and performance at work – and feel engaged in the process.

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