The Different Ways To Connect With Your Team

The primary step in the team building activities in Singapore is connecting with your team. Every company needs employees who are excited and who bring the very best of themselves to work. Organisations need this not just from their best performers, but from the entire employee, each day, to thrive and to be aggressive. The secret to unlocking this endless source of energy for your company is to develop and reinforce the bonds between you and your employees. Create a bond also requires consistency, context, and honesty.

When you trust and respect your employee and connect with them, they will respond with dedication and enthusiasm. And because of this, they see clarity, levels of engagement across their organisations, culture, and most of all, improvement in communication. Remember, trust builds through connections with people and forms the bedrock of a team. Teams are built on human cooperation. Without relationships, you’ve got no team. Here are some ideas on how to connect with your team:

Recognise Team Members for Individual Efforts.

Encouraging a habit of simple recognition and celebration is the key to improving the relationship with your team members. Celebrate when a team meets a huge deadline or someone meets a sales goal with not just the person, but involve the larger crew – and do it often. All employees – no matter how well they perform their jobs or what their positions are, want to be respected and valued for their participation.

Respect comes in different forms: respecting time, respecting opinions, respecting the culture, and more. Most leaders barely say – thank you. But by doing so and recognising them in front of peers will be more motivating than monetary awards. Take this time and talk about wins with customers and what is coming on the horizon, and the team’s role in each.

Break Down Barriers to Information.

Knowledge is power, and bosses have traditionally used this power by selectively withholding it from them or granting information to the employee. Companies today can no longer afford the method of selective communication. It is essential for every employee to be informed through regular, unfettered, and comprehensive communication by their managers, co-workers, and customers about what’s going on in the company and their place within it. They will only give all they have to the organisation when they have complete information.

Have Regular Staff Meetings

If you are too busy for a weekly meeting, then have a monthly team meeting instead. It helps to keep communication lines accessible and may even prevent any future problems from occurring. You will not only lift their commitment level but will also increase their desire to help reach team goals but only when a team sees that the leader is committed to a monthly meeting.

Hire or Grow Trustworthy, Passionate Leaders

Leaders should be the key connectors. Get or train candidates who genuinely care about your team and your company. Support them to understand their value in helping teams follow and receive guidance. While each leader may have their talent: some engage with visible participation in the social event, while others with videos, but all these methods make special connections and remain on the ground with their respective teams.

Don’t Be Rigid

Gone are the days where bureaucratic and rigid companies were the model of consistency, steady if not stellar profits, and dependable results. However, this outdated model of business is now officially gone, and a new model of business – a lean model developed on flexibility, speed, and the active involvement of frontline employees has taken hold.

Your organisation will only be successful when you give your employees the responsibility and the authority to do their jobs because you depend on them to do the right thing on their own instead of depending on systems and procedures that force them to do so.

Working against each other or together in games that involve strategic thinking or even random trivia knowledge, and indoor team building activities like going to the arcade Orchard in Singapore, can assist your team in all kinds of ways. Remember, as the team leader; you have the power to create positive and successful experiences in the lives of those you lead. Take the initiative and connect.

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