How To Enjoy Your Stay In Orchard

Fun Things To Do In Orchard, Fun Things To Do In Orchard Singapore

Orchard is the most popular destination for visitors in Singapore. You practically have all your holiday needs fulfiled as you are staying in Orchard.

While the options are much extensive, you need to be aware that you might not attain the best experience when you choose to try everything at once.

But fret not this guide here will help you to find out what are the fun things to do in Orchard and let you enjoy a delightful stay there.

Go Shopping

Orchard Road is regarded as the perfect shopping destination.

It is a 2km stretch with shopping malls and the best boutiques on both sides of the road. There you can buy almost everything you desire.

You will not only enjoy the precise quality of everything you buy but also be amazed by the level of art and unique architectural designs the shopping malls are constructed in. Every world-famous brand exhibits its products in Orchard Road.

Taste Different World Cuisines

Orchard Road boasts some of the best restaurants, hotels and sports bars in Singapore. Every restaurant has unique cuisines inspired by various traditional meals all over the world.

You can try out Filipino meals, Vietnamese, Russian, Indonesian, and Japanese cuisines affordably. But more importantly, you will also get to taste the must-eat Singaporean cuisines and get great satisfaction out of these dishes.

Explore Museums

If you are an art fanatic, there are amazing places you can visit. The museums at Orchard have arresting artworks displayed, where you not only get the chance to awe these masterpieces but also learn more about the history of Singapore.

Despite the fact that these buildings are dated so long ago, you will find that their designs are extremely breathtaking. More so, there are many artists who display their work at different art galleries across Orchard Road. And truthfully, Orchard itself already stands out as a piece of magnificent art.

Visit The Library

If you wish to spend an afternoon in a quiet environment and continue tapping on knowledge, the library is a good place to visit.

The public library has one of the most modern designs, a place you won’t mind visiting even if you are not into reading. Meanwhile, for a reader, it is the best place to relax and learn more about Singapore and its environs among other things documented in books there.

Spend Time At The Park

On the other hand, if you are someone who is looking to breathe some fresh air and escape the bustling city, then its time you spend the afternoon in the park.

The greenery and open space provide an excellent spot for a casual day of relaxing, while the tracks available are perfect for a brisk walk or quick run. Otherwise, simply basking in the sun and enjoying the cool breeze is a great way to use up your time in Singapore.

Visit The Palace

On open days, the office of the president, known as the Istana is an amazing place to spend some time. The palace is a historical landmark and a very beautiful place to visit, which explains why visitors are always viewing these places as you can take excellent pictures there.

Just note that it is open on special occasions in the national calendar of events so you have to make sure that you check properly before you go down to visit.

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