Why playing darts is good for your health?

You only need to go back 30 years, to see why darts was considered as being an activity only suitable to those who like to go to the pub and drink alcohol.

However, the sport has moved away from those unhealthy aspects and today, darts is considered a game which is rich in health benefits, many of which we have listed below.

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1. Improves Hand/Eye Coordination

Darts is all about accurate throwing and the more you play, the better you will become at throwing your darts into the area you are aiming for. This is a sign of your hand/eye coordination improving, which is vital to every other aspect of life, from playing other sports to simply picking up objects.

2. Works the Brain

The most common form of darts games involve playing down from a score of 501/301 to 0, finishing on a double. When playing this game, you must add up the score from your set of three darts and subtract it form the total. As you get within a finish, you need to work out the numbers you must hit, to make the exact score. It’s a great workout for the brain and it keeps it active.

3. Stress Relief

It can take a lot of focus and concentration to play darts, as it not only requires accurate throwing, you must think about what it is you require to score, whether you are playing 301 or games like cricket. This takes your mind off other things you may have going on in your life and helps you to relax as a positive diversion.

4. Social Skills

While practicing darts at home can be done alone, to play any form of game, means getting together with other people. Playing darts is a great way to socialize with friends and if you get a team together in a league, it can be a great way to meet new people too.

5. Improves Concentration

Playing darts requires a great deal of concentration. Whether it be working out a score or thinking about the area of the board you want your darts to land and getting into position to throw it, being able to concentrate 100% and avoid distraction is key.

6. Increases Confidence

Winning a game of darts can increase the confidence in people, which is great. However, it is not all about the winning, as taking part can also increase confidence in those who may be quite introverted. Playing darts involves stepping up, in-front of other people and performing an action, which can also lead to a general increase in confidence.

7. Physical Self Control

Throwing a dart accurately, requires good control of the body. If you are unable to keep your arm, body and head in control when throwing a dart, it will most likely be off target. Ask someone to watch you throw and check if you are out of control in
any way. If you are, can work on it and improve your physical self-control.

8. Teamwork

When playing in darts match in an official league or playing a tournament with friends, you are always interacting with other people and this can result in an increase in teamwork skills. Therefore, organizing a darts tournament at work, can be a great way to get colleagues working together.

9. Encourages Strategic Thinking

Darts often requires a lot of thought and part of that process, is strategic thinking. The most common darts games, involve tactical play, whether it be trying to leave a specific number to hit next time or leaving an opponent with a difficult shot.

10. Exercise

It may seem like darts is a game for the pub but darts players can get a lot of exercise. If you play darts for an hour, your arm is doing a great deal of work and you need to walk to the dartboard and back, each time you throw to collect your darts. If you are playing a few times per week, this exercise soon adds up.

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