Exciting Team Building Activities That Your Staff Will Love

Team building activities offer many benefits to your team. This includes improved collaboration and communication, as well as a general increase in productivity from each member of the team.

However, team building activities are only effective when they are enjoyed. If employees don’t have fun, these activities may instead have a negative effect on office morale.

We rounded up a couple of corporate team building activities in Singapore that we believe your employees will surely enjoy.

1.     Try your hand at community service

Who says you always need to pay when planning a team bonding activity? Sometimes, it’s something that you can do for free, or at a little cost. If you do have to spend some money, at least it’s all for a good cause!

From organising a coastline clean-up to donating food and time to the less fortunate, giving back to the community is a great way to get your staff out of the office and bond.

Another benefit is community service programs always reflect well on your company’s achievements.

2.     Bounce about in a trampoline park

You’re never too old to have fun on a trampoline. Where better to have fun than at a trampoline park that’s made of trampolines?

Trampolines parks are the “in-thing” these days be it for families, friends, couples, and even entire offices. Many places offer discounted packages for corporate teams, which a great way to cut costs while ensuring that your team has fun together.

3.     Break out of escape rooms

Most office staff usually don’t interact with each other unless absolutely necessary. Escape rooms can help change all that.

Escape rooms require teamwork, and your staff will have no choice but to coordinate and work together to get out. Add in the incentive of being the winning team, it’s a great way to discover how competitive your staff members are.

4.     Go out and tour your city

You’d be surprised by how little you know about some local attractions.

A great way to bond with your staff and make them closer is to let them discover the city together. Each city always has something new to find so your team will have plenty of activities to do.

Who knows, you could even turn it into a regular where you all go out together every now and then to discover a new part of the city.

Unique, fun and something new. All these activities will surely engage your staff, strengthening bonds and increasing work productivity.

Having team building activities will turn your office into a place where everyone can look forward to going to work. What a bonus!

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