Dazzling Candelights. Romantic music. ATAS restaurant. This is what you think an ideal date night will be right? However, sometimes being in a high SES place might not be the best choice for a date night!

Sometimes, participating in fun activities will create more positive feelings towards each other!  Hence, if you are out on a new date, here are 6 reasons to go bowling instead of having a fancy meal!


1 : You can utilize the pet names for each other in the scoring system while also starting a friendly competition! 

During the friendly game, competition usually creates fun, while you are being able to flirt and thrash talk your partner 🙂 Through this, you might also see the natural character of the date(p.s is she a sore loser or highly arrogant 😛 )

2 : Its all fun and laughter

While you might not be a professional bowler, it is very common to make silly mistakes, or you could intentionally do silly mistakes and laugh it off together!

3 : Dress comfortably in sporty outfits!

Yoga pants and sport outfits are trending now! What’s not a better reason than bowling to be able to be dressed comfortably!

4 : Visit the bowling center tuck-shop!

The tuck-shop is every kids dream when they visit the bowling center; indulge in hot-dogs , French fries and all the comfort junk food without being shy!

5 : Burn some calories during the date!

Here are some fun facts, Here is a general estimate of how many calories you can burn bowling for 30 minutes. If you weigh 150 lbs, you can burn approximately 105 calories in 30 minutes!

Here are some Sports Bars in Singapore for you to check out!

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